Responsible Investing

CBIC's dedication to integrating responsible investing principles into its investment decisions is rooted in our determination to create positive environmental and social outcomes for the communities we invest in and serve.

Our commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) targets is the driving force behind our investment strategy, and we strive to set clear, measurable standards for sustainability within our organisation and portfolio.

A Letter From The Lord Mayor

As Chair of the Finance Committee in 2008 I was proud to sponsor the establishment of CBIC as an independently managed Urban Wealth Fund and wholly owned subsidiary of Council.

Established using Council’s investment in Brisbane Airport Corporation Holdings Limited and the $123 million Council received from the sale of its water infrastructure assets to the newly formed Queensland Urban Utilities group, CBIC has grown this seed capital to now having net assets of $339 million while also paying a total of $181 million in annual dividends to Council over its 14 years of operation.

Dividends from CBIC are invested in our Green Future Fund, going towards upgrades to suburban parks like Grinstead Park in Alderley and Shand Street Park in Stafford as well as Brisbane’s newest iconic green space at Victoria Park.

In just under 10 years’ time Victoria Park will be one of the new event venues as our city welcomes thousands of athletes from around the world to compete in the XXXV Summer Olympics and then the XIX Summer Paralympics. The athletes will be followed by many thousands more visitors and spectators. The Olympics and Paralympics present Brisbane with the opportunity to showcase our unrivalled lifestyle and natural environment.

There are more than 2,100 parks and green spaces in Brisbane where residents and visitors alike can enjoy entertainment, exercise, and culture. These parks and green spaces will form a unique experience for athletes, visitors and residents in the lead up to, during, and after the Olympics and Paralympics and is one reason why council is investing over $100 million in our parks network.

While the announcement that Brisbane will host both the Olympics and Paralympics in 2032 was a highlight for our city, there have been challenges that we as a community have had to overcome. The 2022 floods alone damaged 863 parks, 292 playgrounds, 198 community-leased facilities, 106 sports fields, bikeways and pools across Brisbane.

Council will rebuild these assets over time, but we must not neglect our commitments when it comes to new public assets and that is where CBIC is an invaluable partner for council. The work of the CBIC has never been more important so that we can continue to build a clean, green future Brisbane while also repairing damage from natural disasters.

I extend my thanks and appreciation to the CBIC Board, management, and staff for all their effort these past 12 months. They provide a dedicated service to the people of Brisbane that contributes to our city in times of triumph and adversity.

The Right Honourable, The Lord Mayor of Brisbane

Adrian Schrinner

We are guided by sustainable and ethical approaches to environmental, social, and governance issues.

At CBIC, we endeavour to serve the community through sustainable, ethical, and socially responsible approaches. As a government backed investor, we make investment decisions which deliver long-term sustainable returns based on transparent and responsible investment and governance frameworks.

CBIC is carbon neutral, achieved through Brisbane City Council’s carbon neutral certification. Looking forward, we aspire to meet best-in-class standards for sustainability, monitoring our portfolio to ensure CBIC’s investments are sustainable, and result in minimal environmental impact.




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Responsible Investing

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Responsible Investing


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