About CBIC

The CBIC story

CBIC doesn’t put profit ahead of purpose – to us they are equally important.

As Brisbane’s Urban Wealth Fund, CBIC delivers long-term investment growth that helps to fund the city’s future amenity needs – unlocking the potential of existing assets and delivering strong, sustainable, and socially responsible investment for the city.

Our team has the industry credibility and commercial nous to deliver strong financial results, along with a passion and drive to ensure our investment decisions result in positive and meaningful outcomes for the community.

We are in the rare position of having extensive private sector experience and first-hand understanding of the unique needs and priorities of local government, and our investment philosophy is guided by a responsible approach to environmental, social and governance principles.

With our portfolio currently spanning Queensland, NSW and Victoria, it is essential that we not only ensure that we are investing responsibly for the community we serve, but also that our investments make a positive contribution to environmental and social outcomes for the communities in which we invest.

We are immensely proud of our contribution to funding our city’s future.