Investment Strategy

The investment policy requires CBIC to maintain a diverse and efficient mix of assets that maximise the level of return for an appropriate level of risk. The policy also allows for the potential to maintain a higher than normal weighting to property in the portfolio.

The bias to domestic property has traditionally aligned to Council’s accommodation needs as well as the requirement to maximise the efficient use of Council properties, extracting maximum value from surplus and underutilised assets for Council.

Part of CBIC’s business to date has been working with Council to deliver specific accommodation requirements. CBIC has used its own balance sheet and in-house capabilities to identify suitable opportunities either on-market or from surplus Council landholdings.

A select number of these properties have been retained due to their defensive investment characteristics and now form the ballast to what is an institutional grade property portfolio capable of delivering consistent dividends and sustainable growth.

Building on existing portfolio holdings, we have begun to undertake greater investment interstate, focusing on government and commercial properties. This has been part of an overall rebalancing of the fund across asset class, sector and geography.

With a deepened commitment to embedding environmental, social and governance principles within our investment decisions and a view to exploring further diversification into regional government accommodation needs, we look to build on CBIC’S strong performance for the city of Brisbane and strengthen our risk profile.

Investment limits (as a percentage of the portfolio) are

Cash Investments
minimum of $5m
Domestic Bonds
maximum of 20%
Domestic Properties
No maximum however adequate portfolio liquidity must be maintained