About CBIC

CBIC delivers long-term investment growth that helps to fund the city’s future amenity needs – unlocking the potential of existing assets and delivering strong, sustainable, and socially responsible investment for the city.

Our team’s industry credibility and commercial acumen ensures strong financial results, while also prioritising positive and meaningful outcomes for the community.

With a responsible approach to environmental, social, and governance (ESG), and a portfolio spanning Queensland, New South Wales, and Australian Capital Territory, we’re committed to investing responsibly and making a positive impact on the communities in which we invest.

We take immense pride in funding our city’s future.

Our Approach

At CBIC our investment approach aims to benefit Brisbane now and into the future.

Investment Objective

CBIC’s overarching objective is to grow its existing assets under management to a portfolio of $500 million+. This is driven by the desire to support Brisbane’s future amenity needs while adhering to our Responsible Investing Principles.

CBIC must be mindful of prudent, responsible, and reasonable levels of risk for the assets under management. In managing investment risk, the board will:

  • predominantly invest in property or property related assets with the balance to be kept in cash and, if considered appropriate, fixed interest
  • adopt a prudent, responsible, and reasonable risk profile, taking into account credit risk, settlement risk, interest rate risk, market risk, and liquidity risk
  • aim over the longer term for an appropriate diversification within the property asset sector
  • carefully select and monitor investment managers and advisers
  • regularly oversee investment performance, investment policy, and strategy
Our Benchmarks. The portfolio targets to achieve a rate of return over the long-term of CPI plus 3.5% with CPI being set as rolling CPI (Australia average over the last ten years). Long-term, in this regard, is seen as 10 years.
The individual asset class portfolio performance with be measured against the following indices:
Cash Investments

Benchmarked by the Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index over a rolling 1-year period

Domestic Bonds

Benchmarked by the Bloomberg AusBond Composite Index

Domestic Properties

Benchmarked by the MSCI/Mercer Core Wholesale Index (pre fees)

Renewable Energy – Solar and Storage

Benchmarked by the MSCI Australia Quarterly Private Infrastructure Fund Index (post fees)

Investment Strategy

The investment strategy to achieve our objective is dictated by the Investment Policy, which requires CBIC to maintain a diverse and efficient mix of assets that maximises the level of return for an appropriate level of risk.

This strategy allows for a higher weighting to property, especially domestic property that aligns with Council’s accommodation needs and enhances the value of under-utilised assets.

Our focus is on strengthening our risk profile and building on CBIC’s strong performance for the city of Brisbane. We continue to expand our holdings by investing in government and diversified portfolios that encompass office, retail, industrial and social infrastructure across different regions.

Investment Limits
Cash Investments

Maintain minimum

$ 0 m
Domestic Bonds

A maximum of

0 %
Domestic Properties

No maximum however adequate portfolio liquidity must be maintained

Renewable Energy – Solar and Storage

maximum of

0 %

Our History

CBIC was established in 2008 by Brisbane City Council. Its purpose? To support Brisbane City Council to build a better Brisbane for its citizens by operating a high performing Urban Wealth Fund that unlocks future investment growth, by acquiring, developing, and managing diversified assets including property and renewables. CBIC’s work contributes towards future environmental and social policy initiatives for the people of Brisbane.

In its second year, CBIC completed negotiations on its first major acquisition, 157 Ann St. This 13- storey building was revitalised by the corporation and saw an influx of high-quality tenants while under CBIC’s ownership. The property was sold advantageously for $39 million in 2013.

By 2010, CBIC invested $50 million in managed domestic equity funds and implemented a suite of operational policies to improve corporate governance and risk management.

Following five years of successful acquisitions, CBIC sold the first properties in their operating history; 157 Ann St and CBIC’s first greenfield development, 15 Green Square Cl, which sold for $110 million.

In 2016, two years ahead of CBIC’s 10-year anniversary, the corporation doubled their net assets to $270 million (assets were at $138 million at CBIC’s inception). As of 2022, CBIC have net assets of $339 million.

Since 2019, CBIC’s dividends have been used to grow Brisbane through environmental and social initiatives such as improved public green space. As CBIC strives to build its asset base in the coming years, the corporation look forward to the ripple effects this growth will see across the vibrant Brisbane community.

While the principles of ESG had long been a part of CBIC’s values and objectives, in 2022 the corporation fully integrated the United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Investment into the business. To discover more about ESG, visit the Responsible Investing page here.

Our People

At CBIC, we know that our people are our most valuable asset. We firmly believe that our success is driven by the talent and dedication of our team members.

We are united by a shared vision — to deliver quality investment outcomes for the future of Brisbane.

To achieve this goal, we prioritise the retention and satisfaction of our employees, ensuring that our workplace is fair, equitable, and respectful of our workforce. Moreover, we believe that inclusive workplace benefits all stakeholders, helping us to better understand and address the needs and concerns of our city.

Our people are diverse in expertise and performance driven, with a depth of talent that is reflected across our Board, Management, and the broader team at CBIC.

Board & Management

Team Filter

Simone Desmarchelier

Chair of the Board

Daryl Browning

IRC Chair

Neil Castles


Maria Roach


Stewart Walls


Patrice Sherrie


Lachlan Dyson

Chief Executive Officer

Tom Voysey

Head of Finance

Bianca Harris

Head of Real Estate

Jason Buchanan

Head of Investment Management

Corporate Governance

CBIC’s Corporate Governance structure is designed to protect and enhance value across the portfolio. We operate to the highest ethical and principles-led standards and practices, aligning with the expectations of our Shareholder, Brisbane City Council.

We prioritise transparency, fairness, and protection of the interests for employees, tenants, investors, and the communities we serve. Our Board continuously reviews policies, monitors risk, and ensures compliance, while promoting environmental and social responsibility.

The three committees established by the Board to assist with the efficient functioning of CBIC in line with corporate governance practices consist of the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee (FAR), People Performance and Culture Committee (PPC) and, the Investment Review Committee (IRC).

We conduct annual and informal reviews of our performance and evaluate committee performance to strengthen our governance foundations.

CBIC Careers

At CBIC, we’re always interested in talented and driven individuals to join our highly skilled, trusted team as we strive towards a better Brisbane.

We place our people at the heart of everything we do, valuing their talent, dedication, and diverse perspectives. We constantly invest in the education and training for our team, providing opportunities for professional development in group led, and individual settings.

If you are looking for a dynamic, flexible, and rewarding career, look no further than CBIC.

Career Opportunities

Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? We’d still like to hear from you. If you’re interested in joining the talented and driven CBIC team, we invite you to complete the expression of interest form here.

Why a career with CBIC?

Our dedicated staff members share what it is like to be part of the CBIC team.

Sam Riley

Investment Analyst

“I work at CBIC to unlock investments and development opportunities to create and manage a diversified property fund that generates a distribution to BCC. It is rewarding because we are developing community centres and appreciating the tangible results the dividend makes to the community.”

Jennifer Bond

Governance Manager

“In my role I contribute to creating a trusted company with robust processes. I am most excited about helping to drive the Company to its maximum potential and grow the portfolio for the Shareholder and the Investors. It is rewarding because we are contributing to making a better Brisbane.”

Callum O’Brien

Transactions Manager

“The work is important because we invest in the growth of our city, improving green spaces and recreation facilities for its people. In my role I create strategies and execute the investment and divestment of real assets to grow and improve CBIC’s portfolio. I am most excited about growing CBIC’s property portfolio and improving Brisbane’s amenities for its people.”

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